Do I really need a lawyer?

Do I really need a lawyer?

Yes! No? Maybe…

No, not for small claims

For any dispute under $5,000, no you do not. Go to small claims court. Follow the instructions. Don’t waste money paying a lawyer more than what you’d probably get back if you won. That would be a bad business decision.

Maybe, for over $5,000

Anything between 5,000-$10,000, Maybe. Need to really think of the cost-benefit analysis, what you’d win if you won everything you wanted and is the risk and benefit worth spending the dollars on a lawyer? Often the answer is no. See above – small claims or district court will hear disputes up to $25,000.

Yes, you bet, for divorce, custody, and larger financial matters

For custody, divorce, family matters, yes, definitely. Our legal system is not designed for people to represent themselves easily or adequately and it almost never goes well for the self-represented party, not to mention the stress of doing something you don’t know how to do yourself.

For financial matters with more than $10,000 in controversy, yes. We just want to make sure that the likely outcome is worth the money you will spend in lawyer fees.

Don’t waste money on things the law can’t fix

Remember, there is not a legal solution for every “wrong” that one can suffer in life. Bad customer service, for example. Someone being rude to you or some occurrence that didn’t cause actual damage to you or cost money, or even something that DID cause damage but you can’t prove who is at fault.

If you can’t decide, just ask

Our phone consultations are free and we will 100% tell you if your legal issue requires an attorney, and whether it’s financially advisable to spend money on a lawyer for that issue when compared to the likely result. We will never take money from a client knowing that the result will not justify spending it, or that the client probably won’t like the result.

We can help

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