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Kristy Sims

Associate Attorney & Mediator

Kristy Sims 1I’m Kristy – born and raised in the Arkansas Delta. My parents are from Aberdeen and Humphrey, two minuscule towns which you’ll miss if you blink. I’m the first attorney in my extended family as far back as anyone can remember. We were raised with the belief that we only hire lawyers as an absolute last-case scenario because they were so cost-prohibitive. It’s sort of like going to any place that doesn’t list prices – if you have to ask, you can’t really afford them, right? That’s one of the reasons I’m happy to work at Lion Legal. We are committed to exceptional communication, transparent billing practices, and pragmatic legal advice – in other words, we don’t waste your money just to make a buck if we aren’t going to provide a real-life benefit.

My grandparents were a huge part of my life. I was at their house every chance I got, reading on the porch swing, playing in the dirt, or riding around looking at the cows. They instilled deep Southern Baptist values in me that I’ll always carry. We treat people right, we love everybody, and we pray for a whole list of folks every night.

My grandmother was the best person I’ll ever know. Mary B (the B stood for a name she hated, so I’ll leave it out, lest she smite me) taught me so much, but most importantly, to always stick up for those that don’t have somebody to help them. We were raised to do what’s right and to help those who need it, and that’s a big part of why I became a lawyer.

Among many other things, she was the best negotiator I’ve ever seen, and I’m proud to say those genes passed straight through to me. I wish y’all could’ve seen her. It’s a shame she wasn’t an attorney herself, but fortunately, I learned from her, and love using those skills to help whoever I can.

I understand the struggles a lot of people in Arkansas face because I’ve faced those same struggles. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I wasn’t related to anyone that I could name-drop to get a job or get out of trouble, and we were definitely the poor relations on every side of the family. This is why I’m drawn to be a Lion Lawyer – we cater to Working Arkansans who need help and come from a background similar to mine. You don’t have to be rich for us to help you, you don’t have to know somebody, you just show up and we’ll roar to your rescue. I’m an associate attorney here and work cases in the Family, Probate, and Civil Divisions.

I’m married to a pretty great guy that I met in the high school band and we have the self-titled Best Kid in the World – although we’re hitting those teenage years and we may snatch that title from him yet. I want to leave a legacy for him like the one my family left for me – of fairness, of Christian values, of helping people that need a hand. His childhood is a lot like mine was–he loves to read but also loves to romp around outside with various animals. He’s a wild child and loves country life.

We still live in the Delta, and although we’ve moved a little North and a little West, I still live within an hour’s drive of the place I called home for 30 years. We have a random assortment of animals—I guess I never quite did learn to let go of a farm—but even though we’re up early and asleep late with running our son to what feels like every sport in the world (and band, the same one his daddy and I met in), making sure our ducks and rabbits and all our other animals are happy, and hanging out with our two favorite little girls ever (our nieces), I wouldn’t change a thing.

My email address is [email protected].

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