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Law Clerk Positions

Job Description

Law Clerk job duties are very similar to Paralegal job duties, with the additional heavy emphasis on research and writing; and training clerks on all the things not taught in law school. 

To be eligible to be a Lion Law Clerk, you must be a currently enrolled part-time law school student. Clerkships are 40 hour week programs. 

Our clerkship positions are limited and are very competitive. 

Law clerk positions are offered for the duration of your law school career and if successfully completed, Lion Law Clerks are guaranteed an associate attorney position at Lion Legal.  

Law Clerks are utilized in every  division of LLS. The primary responsibility is to support the attorneys in the specific legal services provided to clients.

This is a position that requires excellent phone skills as a large portion of the position is the direct contact with clients about their cases, gathering information and keeping them updated. 

This position is the front lines between clients and LLS – it is a communication and fact-gathering position, whether from clients, opposing attorneys, and through our own research. Extreme organization is a must!  

This position drafts legal documents, letters, files documents, keeps clients up to date each step of the way. This position communicates with courts, schedules appointments and hearings, and generally keeps cases running smoothly. 

Each Law Clerk is support for 70-90 cases. 

As with all positions, this is an email heavy position, and requires great attention to details and thinking ahead!  

Salary, Probation, & Growth Potential

Starting salary is $15/hour for the first stage of probation, then $16/hour for second stage probation, with a final non-probationary salary of $17/hour for the duration of the clerkship. Law Clerks are not guaranteed raises; but are offered the same full benefits as paralegals and other employees of the firm and are salaried, not hourly employees.

The goal of a clerkship is to culminate in an associate attorney position at the firm so Lion Legal has an attorney that’s already trained in our processes and procedures.

We want really great team members! Maturity, leadership, thinking ahead, desire to do an excellent job and recognition that we are better together than we are apart!

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