When Your Day Goes From Bad To Worse

Some days start bad and get worse. There’s a fly in your breakfast burrito. You get shorted on your paycheck. Some idiot rear-ends you on the way home. Then your ex is late coming to pick up the kids. Again.

You wind up wanting to sue everybody, or maybe you find out you’re the one getting sued!

And You Start Thinking You Need A Lawyer

If you’re thinking you need a lawyer, there are so many questions to ask, so many emotions to sort out, so many unknowns.

  • Will I spend more money on a lawsuit than I can get back, even if I win?
  • Is the “principle” of the matter worth more to me than the time, money, and stress?
  • Will my lawyer tell me the truth or lead me down the primrose path of paying legal fees for nothing!
  • Can I handle this myself and save the lawyer fees?

Serenity to Accept the Things we Cannot Change…

Life’s issues can be frustrating but most of us don’t have money to burn on lawyers, court fees and private investigators if we aren’t going to see a real-life benefit.

Often there are no good legal options, and spending money on lawyers would not turn out the way you’d like it to. How do you know you’re not just throwing good money after bad, and then getting mad at your lawyer for letting you do it!

Come to a Free Legal Clinic

Come to one of Lion Legal Services’ Free Legal Clinics to find out what your case is worth under the law, what your real-life benefit might be given the facts of what happened, what you can do by yourself, and whether you really need a lawyer.

If the principle of the thing is worth thousands of dollars to you, and money is no problem, go for it. But most of us are much better off in the long run letting go of our anger, getting reasonable advice on how to resolve the problem efficiently (if possible) and moving on with our lives.

Lawyer Fees Don’t Have To Be An Obstacle

In fact, you don’t have to pay a lawyer at all. For many issues, the forms are available online and you can do it yourself. It’s tough, though, to know what to put in those blanks. Are you doing it right? Is there a better way to negotiate? What should you do after you fill out the form?

Even when it’s a pretty simple matter and you have the forms you need, you probably still have a few questions you’d like answered so you can feel confident about finishing up on your own.

The Lion Legal Services Free Legal Clinics are here for you. Meet privately with a licensed Arkansas lawyer to answer your questions, evaluate whether you’re on the right track, suggest what you can do better, help with your forms and next steps.


We strongly recommend the most economical route to resolve issues—negotiation. If you don’t have experience with legal disputes, you might have an unrealistic picture of how lawsuits go. Our lawyers can help your understand the most likely outcome of your case at our next Free Legal Clinic.

Whether you hire Lion Legal Services or visit one of our regularly scheduled clinics, we come Roaring to the Rescue! Our best advice in most cases is, be smart, save money and time, be practical and reasonable (not emotional!) and move on.

Don’t mistake reasonableness for weakness. If being reasonable doesn’t work, you (or we) can always amp up the fight. Let’s hope you don’t have to.

About The Free Legal Clinics

The clinics are totally, completely free. We will prepare documents, petitions, divorce complaints, wills, provide advice and counsel and step by step instructions on what to do next. Printing is donated by the host library and a notary is on site.

All clinics are from 9am – Noon, first come, first serve. No appointments. Clinics are busy so please arrive early to make sure of your place in the queue. Clinics close promptly at noon and those remaining will be asked to come to our next clinic.

Be prepared, too. Bring all of your documents for us to review, for best results.

2020 Free Legal Clinic Schedule

02/08—Laman Library, 2801 Orange Street, North Little Rock
04/18—M.W. McCrary Memorial Library, 204 E. 2nd Street, Lonoke
05/16—Laman Library, 2801 Orange Street, North Little Rock
08/15—Faulkner County Library, 1900 Tyler Street, Conway
10/17—Laman Library, 2801 Orange Street, North Little Rock
12/12—Laman Library, 2801 Orange Street, North Little Rock

These are the areas where we can be most helpful to you at the free clinic:

  • Divorce & Custody
  • Child Support
  • Paternity
  • Sealing Criminal Records
  • Debt Defense
  • Consumer Protection
  • Real Estate Issues
  • Simple Wills & Powers of Attorney

About Lion Legal Services

Our focus at Lion Legal Services is providing affordable, predictable, reasonable legal counsel.

We are pioneers in how we provide legal services in Arkansas. We offer a defined package of services at a flat fee, starting at $800, with no hidden expenses such as late fees, credit card fees, or interest, and we have payment plans that help spread out the cost and ease the financial pain.

Our customer service is top-notch and we have hundreds of five star reviews to prove our commitment to communicating well with our clients, ensuring you know every step of the way what’s happening, what will happen next, and what you should be doing. The process – how it feels to you – is just as important as the results.

Our team includes eight experienced trial attorneys who are lion lawyers in the courtroom (when necessary), but we know that reasonableness is the key to the best outcomes for our clients – legally, emotionally, & financially.

We Can Help

If you are looking for effective legal representation in Arkansas that won’t break the bank, look for us at lionlegal.com. We will help you figure out your options and what the likely realistic result is in your circumstances. Say the word and we’ll come Roaring to the Rescue!

Call For A Free Case Evaluation

Case evaluations are completely free. Call Lion Legal Services today at (501) 227-ROAR (that’s 227-7627) or Email Us to set up a free consultation.