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Traffic Tickets

You do not need a lawyer for a regular traffic citation. If this is your first or second citation, you should contact the clerk of the court where you ordered to report and work out a “deferred ajudiciation” or a “pass to dismiss.” Ask if they have a first time offenders program where you can pay the ticket but keep it off your record.

If you are a commercial driver – even if you received your ticket in your personal vehicle – then you should consider hiring counsel to represent you in your ticket because of the effect traffic convictions have on your CDL.

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How  Much Does it Cost to have a lawyer for a traffic ticket (if you hold a Commercial Driver’s License)?

Arkansas law forbids the prosecutor from reducing a traffic offense for a CDL driver. This means that we typically cannot negotiate a solution and have to prepare for and attend trial. For this reason, our fee to defend a CDL driver against traffic violations is $1500. This fee includes everything, beginning to end, for the traffic trial. 

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