We’re Lawyers Not Therapists

by | Dec 4, 2021

Truth time

We are lawyers not therapists. Our job is to remove emotion – to look at just the facts, ma’am. JUST THE FACTS.

You’ve hired us to apply the law and make predictions about what the likely outcome at trial will be based on your specific set of facts – the facts we can prove or think we can prove to a judge or jury.

Those predictions might not be what you want to hear – but they are what you need to hear to make good legal and financial decisions.

We are reasonable

We are reasonable to a fault. Our goal is to conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis of all the options, and help the client understand the pros and cons of all possible legal routes.

It’s is your decision to take the risk or not take the risk – it is our job to make sure you are making an informed decision. 

Not emotional

What we cannot do is to help clients work through their emotions related to their legal issue.

Our background, training, education and experience are in law, not counseling. It’s tough, but we must stay in our lane.

And if you really think about it – you want us to stay in our lane. Lawyers make terrible therapists and therapists make terrible lawyers.

The courtroom nor the negotiation room is where we can heal wounds or work through past trauma. You won’t get the emotional support from mediators or judges and the result in your matter will be far worse if you attempt to use the legal system to address emotional aspects of your legal issues. 

When we do our job right

We’ve done our job if our clients are making informed legal, financial and business decisions.

Nobody does the lawyer job better than we do it. And almost anyone can do the therapist job better than we do it.

Here’s a suggestion. Google “lawyers getting emotionally invested” and thank me later.

There’s an old adage – a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. This perfectly illustrates that even lawyers know for our own personal legal issues we need a lawyer to represent us who is not emotionally invested in the matter. 

When attorneys are emotionally invested – they represent themselves or a family member – for example, it always immediately obvious the lawyer is thinking with his or her emotions, not reasonably or legally and is giving poor advice to his or her client. Everyone can see it but the lawyer himself.  

You want a lion

The mighty Lion serves with dignity, wisdom, and integrity. Lion Legal Services’ mission is to resolve life’s problems with the serenity, creativity, and the decisiveness expected from the King of the Jungle. We are Lion Lawyers.

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