You hire a lawyer because you need someone who understands the law, pays attention and will go to bat for you.

You might be in a divorce. Or fighting over child custody. In trouble with the law. Quarreling over a business deal or making plans and wanting legal guidance to avoid future problems. Whatever the issue is, you hire a lawyer to help lift a legal burden off of your shoulders.

Too often, though, the lawyer you hire just piles more on. Let’s take a look at the most common complaints about law firms.

Number 1 Complaint About Lawyers

The number one complaint about lawyers is that you never hear from them. They don’t respond to calls or emails. You can’t find out what is going on with your case. Your lawyer is supposed to be your guide through an unfamiliar world, but now he or she becomes just another obstacle to overcome.

Number 2 Complaint

The number two complaint about lawyers is that they don’t do the job they were hired to do! This shows up in a couple ways:

  • One is procrastination, not working on your case, not moving your case along.
  • The other is when the end result is nowhere near what the attorney suggested you could expect when you hired her or him.

Some attorneys will paint a rosy picture of the outcome of your case when they are interviewing to be hired. That’s not to say it’s done in bad faith, but we all know it’s easier to tell people what they want to hear than it is to shoot straight.

Doing this is a mistake, though, and the fastest way to ruin a law firm’s reputation, not to mention a moral problem to take people’s money knowing you won’t be able to provide a benefit or the benefit they want!

Number 3 Complaint

The third complaint about lawyers is they cost too much! Most attorneys charge on an hourly basis and take a sum of money up front, called a retainer, and then track every minute spent on a case and bill $250 or $300 hourly. A few minutes here to take your phone call, a few minutes there to answer an email, a few minutes talking to a legal assistant or an office working or another lawyer about your case, those minutes can add up very fast and put you in a financial hole.

You won’t know if your lawyer’s time log is accurate and you might suspect it’s padded, even if it’s not. Very quickly you become afraid to call or email your attorney for fear of more charges added to your bill. You came to your lawyer looking for guidance and clarity but you wind up afraid to ask questions!

How frustrating.

Here’s What You Get When You Hire Lion Legal Services

Lion Legal Services is different. We want our legal services to be clear, predictable, and upfront. When you hire us you buy our expertise, our best advice and counsel, top legal talent and experience, and prompt and clear communication.

Free Initial Conference

There is no charge for the first time we talk. Basically, we are interviewing each other to see if we are the right lawyer for you. We have two goals in this meeting. One is that we will determine if your issue has a legal solution and if we are capable of handling your legal issue. The other is for you to talk to us and understand how our process works. If you feel comfortable with us, think we will do a great job, and like our process and approach, then we can go forward together.

A Lawyer Who Listens, Communicates & Goes To Bat For You

When you hire Lion Legal Services, here’s what you are buying:

  • Regimented client-oriented processes and guaranteed response to all emails and calls within two business days – easily scheduled phone appointments with your lawyer without getting lost in a voicemail run-around.
  • Experienced staff and attorneys who can accurately predict the progress of your case every step of the way and keep you up to date on what’s happening.
  • Honesty about how your money is being spent and whether or not your problem really has a legal remedy.
  • Transparent and predictable fees and not feeling nickeled and dimed.
  • Knowing you can call or email us about your issue without running up costs.
  • Reasonable, timely, practical advice, and knowing that we take the time to understand and advocate for you, from beginning to end.

Call For A Free Case Evaluation

Case evaluations are completely free; our fees are flat and affordable. Call Lion Legal Services today at (501) 227-ROAR or Email Us to set up a free consultation.