Temporary Hearings

The discovery process and getting to a final trial is a long process – several months.

So, we can also schedule a temporary hearing while we work on the formal discovery process and toward a final resolution of the matter.

A temporary hearing is a short hearing that gets us in front of the judge quickly to address on a temporary basis any issues that need to be addressed quickly.

The Decisions at a temporary hearing are just that – temporary.

They are not final decisions, and the Court can well change its rulings at a final hearing once all evidence, testimony, exhibits, arguments are presented to the court.

The most common need for a temporary hearing is to have decisions made on visitation, custody, and support of the children or who is going to pay what bills for the time-being, or any other issues that need to be addressed temporarily to “tide us over” until the final trial.

Temporary rulings are, again, temporary, and are designed to hold us over and lay some ground rules in the intervening months it will take to finish discovery and prepare for and attend a final hearing or settle the case on a final basis.

Just because they are temporary does not make it less important to follow those orders. Even on a temporary basis, it is always advisable to follow the judge’s order to put us in the best position to prevail at a final trial.