When you hire a lawyer, what are you really buying?

by | Oct 26, 2021

When you hire a lawyer…

What you ain’t buying is our time. Let’s start with that.

If some attorney down the street takes ten long hours to do the job—because he’s new to being a lawyer or just moved into town or isn’t a good researcher or whatever, maybe he only chicken-peck-types or still (heaven forbid) uses WordPerfect—so it takes him many hours longer to do something, what are those extra hours worth to you? NOTHING. A big fat goose egg.

What if there’s a better way?

What if Lion Legal Services can resolve the same problem you hired old man chicken-peck-typist to solve, and do it efficiently in 3 hours rather than ten?

What if we have years of experience, of practicing in front of our local judges all the time and knowing what to expect?

What if we have an excellent reputation for always being prepared to go to trial and that gives us credibility and negotiating leverage that other attorneys don’t have?

What if  we use Microsoft office like civilized people?

Well, then our legal services are worth MORE than the attorney down the street who wants to bill for 10 hours of work that maybe get the job done, and maybe don’t.

Kidding aside…

Humor is my go-to strategy to illustrate points. All joking aside, when you hire a lawyer, you don’t care how many hours he spends getting the job done. You care about solving your legal issue, effectively, affordably, and with a positive overall communication experience.

When you hire us to be your lawyers, you are buying our smooth process, our excellent communication, our talent, experience, education, trial skills, reputation, and ability to solve your problem.

You are not buying our time.

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