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The Power of the Pride: Why We Chose the Lion

We’re the Legal Pride of Arkansas

Ever wonder why we chose the lion as our symbol? It’s not a riddle. It’s because, like the mighty Lion, our lawyers take charge of the legal jungle with creativity, wisdom, and exceptional results. We lead; we don’t follow.

Commitment Beyond Catchphrases

Catchphrases? Sure, we have a million of them. Our marketing may be a little cheesy, but not our services. At Lion Legal, “Exceptional Communication & Exceptional Results” isn’t just a motto; it’s our modus operandi. We strive to be the best in all aspects of legal matters for our clients, balancing a razor-sharp focus on both process and results. Dive deeper into our unique approach on our processes page to learn more about how we work.

Lessons from the Jungle: Why We’re Different

Our Lion lawyers have years of experience in the courtroom. They’ve seen attorneys “winging it” during trials, so-called “wise” lawyers dragging their feet on responses, and blustering bullies who misstate facts and law, only to trip at the trial. These encounters served to sharpen our insight: the best trial lawyer isn’t determined by age, gender, or bar number. It’s about dedication, communication, and skill.

We Roar to the Rescue

You won’t find us guilty of the number one complaint about lawyers: lack of communication. We roar our client’s needs loud and clear and secure the best legal results possible based on individual circumstances.

The Lion’s Way: Reasonable, Firm & Fierce

The Lion doesn’t back down from a fight, but she doesn’t seek one needlessly either. Decisions at Lion Legal are taken from financial and legal perspectives, not emotional ones. We’re reasonable, firm, and fierce. If trials are necessary for the best results, we’re prepared. We walk into the courthouse doors, ready to defend our clients’ rights.

 Through this journey, we aim to offer nothing short of exceptional legal services, mirroring the majesty and might of our emblematic Lion. Welcome to Lion Legal: where the law of the jungle meets the law of the land.

Our Vision

What exactly is Lion Legal hoping to achieve? Why do we exist as a law firm? How do see ourselves? What do we envision when we think of Lion Legal? In one sentence, our vision is:

To continue to be legal trailblazers in how we practice law, by being the most effective legal professionals in our areas of practice – whether in the negotiating room or the courtroom. 

Our Purpose

Why is Lion Legal motivated to achieve this vision? Why do we care to provide five-star legal services and constantly work to improve our services, client processes, trial results, and legal skills? Our motivations to be legal trailblazers — our purpose — is simply:

To instill genuine pride in our community; and, most importantly, ourselves and our clients, for the exceptional services Lion Legal provides. 

Our Mission

Now you know the goal and why — and that vision and purpose sounds all well and good, right? But, is it all talk? How exactly have we committed to being legal trailblazers? What specifically do we do to provide these five-star services we talk about? Well, our Mission is the how:

All the advice we provide, decisions we make, and actions we take are sincerely guided by our Lion Values. Lion Legal believes that our clients’ experiences in the legal process are equally as important as the results of their matters; and we commit to open communication, pragmatic legal advice, transparent billing practices, and absolute preparedness every time.  


The Law of the Jungle is changing.

Lion Legal is making it happen.
That's why we're the Legal Pride of Arkansas.

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