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Orders Of Protection

Orders of Protection are excellent tools when used correctly.

Filing Party/Petitioners

Orders of Protection are free to file and do not require an attorney. The petitioner files at the courthouse for the Order with an affidavit of the reasons why, and the judge evaluates whether to grant an Emergency Order or not.

If granted, it is effective as soon as it is served, and a hearing is scheduled within a few days. If it is not granted, then the petition is served and a hearing is still scheduled within a few days. 

At the hearing, the Petitioner has to meet a high burden of proof to obtain a permanent order of protection. 


If an emergency order is granted against you, it is effective as soon as you are served. Even if the emergency order is not granted, a hearing is scheduled within a few days for the court to determine if a permanent order of protection should be granted against you.

Orders of Protection are not criminal in nature by themselves, but they are an extraordinary measure that can have long-lasting effects. Protection orders follow you – they show up on background checks, and can affect your ability to find housing and employment. Violating an order of protection is a crime which courts take very seriously.

Do you need a lawyer for an OOP?

Maybe? Many folks – on both sides – win without an attorney. Some petitioners obtain a permanent order of protection without legal help. Some respondents defeat a petition for a permanent order of protection without an attorney.

The risk is high, though, because you only get one chance. Appealing or reconsidering the grant or denial of an order of protection is infinitely harder than having counsel at the first step – the final order of protection hearing.

At Lion Legal, we are experienced in all manner of orders of protection. We are experienced trial attorneys with a fantastic track record. Call us today to discuss your options. 

How much does an order of protection cost?

A common estimated retainer range for cases in our Probate, Family, Civil, and Real Estate/Business Divisions is $3,000-$5,000. To read more about our billing process, check out our Billing Philosophies page.

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