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Adminstrative Hearings and Appeals

Administrative Agencies are part of the Executive Branch under the control of the Governor.

There are many, many agencies that folks don’t even think about until they are faced with an issue with that agency.

If we don’t like the decision of the Agency investigators, then we can appeal to have a full hearing in front of that agency, heard by the Administrative Law Judge for that Agency.

If we don’t agree with the decision of the ALJ, we can appeal to Circuit Court.

Some examples of Administrative Agencies are below – there are hundreds of agencies! 

  • Child Maltreatment Registry,
  • All professional licensing boards – nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc.,
  • Driver Control,
  • Sex Offender Registry,
  • Department of Workforce Services,
  • Department of Finance Administration,
  • Arkansas Contractor’s Licensing Board 

Lion Legal handles all administrative agency issues such as but not limited to the following:

  • Medical professionals who are accused of things that would make them lose their professional license
  • Small business owners who are being accused of not collecting the right sales tax and paying it to the State
  • Folks who have lost their driver’s licenses – temporarily or permanently
  • Folks who want off the sex offender registry
  • Folks who are accused of abuse or neglect and being placed on the child maltreatment registry. 

All agencies have an internal process to review issues, sort of like court but the deciding person is called an Administrative Law Judge. We gather evidence and put on the case, just like we would in a courtroom. 

How much do administrative hearings and appeals cost?

The initial retainer fee for Lion Legal to represent anyone in an administrative agency hearing in front of an ALJ is $3000, usually. And, most administrative agency hearings do not cost more than that.

Depending on the complexity, the initial fee may increase – the consultation is free and we will determine and agree on a reasonable fee before you hire us. There are no blank checks here. 

Circuit Court Appeals

If we don’t like the decision and we want to appeal, an additional fee will be assessed for the appeal to Circuit Court.

Most Circuit Court appeals start at $3000, but if we were not the law firm that represented you at the agency level, then the initial retainer fee for a Circuit Court appeal starts at $5000.

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