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Our Billing Philosophy

Our Billing Philosophy dovetails with our Communication Philosophy and Lion Values. We never allow a client to spend money on attorney’s fees if that cost is not worth the likely result, and we communicate well the costs/benefits of all legal options at every step of every legal matter. 

We believe in transparent billing.

Every case, every client, is unique. That’s why our billing approach is transparent and tailored to you. No more wondering where your money went. Generally, we bill our services based on the time we have involved in resolving your legal matter. A client deposits a “retainer”, which we hold in our firm trust account. This is money that we use to pay ourselves when your invoices come due.

We track our time in detail on all cases, and our Billing Department sends invoices to all of our clients monthly. When you receive your invoice, you’ll see it’s been paid from your retainer, and you’ll also see how much money you have remaining for future work. 

We keep costs predictable.

We forecast from the start, keeping you updated as cases evolve. We do our absolute best to give a realistic estimate range of the retainer that will be necessary to resolve your legal issue. We can’t predict with precise accuracy how much time each case will require of our office. However, we use our background, training, and experience to predict as closely as possible. Our promise to you: no surprise costs. Ever. Before a bill increases, we’ll talk.

We guide you through your legal journey.

Many factors shape a legal bill. Some, you can control—like which battles to pick. Some, you can’t—like an unexpected court order. We guide you through both, ensuring the best bang for your buck.

We promise to keep you updated as we gather additional information, engage in negotiations, and generally work through your case, which gives us the insight to update our estimates. 

Our minimum retainers fit your case.

Retainers are not just a payment; they’re a partnership. It’s your commitment to us, and ours to you. They ensure your case receives the attention it deserves, resources are promptly allocated, and your legal journey is smooth. Think of retainers as the bridge connecting you to swift legal resolutions.

A common estimated retainer range for cases in our Probate, Family, Civil, and Real Estate/Business Divisions is $3,000-$5,000. In your phone interview we will indicate if we think your specific legal issue will skew toward the low end or the high end of that range, or higher, and why.

We can tailor your payments.

We allow clients to deposit ½ of their initial retainer and set up a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payment plan for the other half. The full initial retainer must be paid within 60 days of hiring us. This is for the benefit of our clients. If the retainer is extended to 3-4 months, it delays clients’ cases, which negatively impacts the progress and results. It’s much better to get your retainer paid within our general billing policies, so we can hit the ground running.

We do not charge any late fees or payment penalties.

For most cases, we bill by the hour.

We bill by the hour—except in specific cases like criminal defense. Our rates:

  • Managing Partners: $350/hour
  • Associate Attorneys: $250/hour
  • Professional Support Staff: $150/hour

With us, you’re investing in more than just our time. You’re securing expertise, prowess, and commitment. Think of it as buying peace of mind, by the hour.

Choose clarity. Choose Lion Legal.

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