Do I Need A Lawyer For A Traffic Ticket?

First, you do not need a lawyer for a traffic ticket.

If you’re not a total jerk in the interaction with the officer, and you weren’t going 130 MPH, then you can very likely negotiate a really good deal on your first (or even second) traffic offense. By really good deal I mean a reduction to something that is not a moving violation or doesn’t show up on your record so as not to increase your insurance rates.

If your brother is a lawyer, then he can probably call in a favor to get it totally thrown out, but otherwise, it’s unlikely.

Hiring a lawyer is not going to get your ticket thrown out and even if it does, the cost of the attorney is more than the price of the ticket.

I am a CDL holder. Now do I need a lawyer?

If you are a CDL holder, then you should definitely call Lion Legal Services.

Arkansas law does not allow a prosecutor to reduce or dismiss a traffic citation to a CDL holder, even if you were only in your personal car. This is because drivers who drive professionally are held to a much higher standard than other drivers, and that standard applies all the time.

Our only choice in CDL cases is to defend aggressively and convince the judge that you are in fact not guilty. The fee for CDL tickets is $1500. A steep price, when compared to the fine, but it’s not the fine you’re really trying to avoid. It’s the points on your license and the effect a conviction could have on employment status and insurance rates.

So what should I do?

If you’re not a CDL, then you honestly don’t need a lawyer. This is something you can handle on your own – simply call the prosecutor and ask for a deal. Don’t start out defending yourself, just ask for leniency and take the offer of civil penalty, pass to dismiss, or any non-moving traffic violation such as immoderate driving. 

Fines range from $75-250, depending on the county and how fast you were going. Attorney’s fees start at $500. Even if we save you the fine, you are paying more than what you are saving! Particularly when you can likely achieve the same result by calling the clerk yourself and asking for a deal.  

We Can Help

If you still want to hire us – maybe you live out of state and the court is requiring an appearance – or this is your 3rd or 4th ticket, or are simply looking for effective legal representation from an Arkansas law firm that won’t break the bank, look for us at We will help you figure out your options and what the likely realistic result is in your circumstances. Say the word and we’ll come Roaring to the Rescue!

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