Why email?

Email is our primary form of communication for several reasons:

  1. It is more efficient. We can respond to emails while waiting for court, but not take a phone call, for example.
  2. It allows us to respond faster and at times where a call would not be feasible – some of us are early, early birds and can email at 3am but not call you! Others of us are night owls and can email you at 11pm but not call you!
  3. Email allows clients to go back and re-read, refresh memory, study the advice, notes, or information that is provided.
  4. The written form protects us and you- verbal discussions can be mis-remembered or mis-understood, so having it in writing is a best practice for all important life matters.
  5. We use an answering service! NOONE can call directly into our office and speak to anyone!! So, all phone calls are first scheduled by email so we and you can be prepared for the call, have pen and paper ready, and so we can call you at the scheduled time. This avoids frustrating phone tag and voicemails.

Our Communication Obligations

We have an obligation to all our clients to maintain extremely efficient and effective communication.

We have an obligation to our clients to make sure each one completely understands the process and the cost-benefit analysis of each legal option.

We have an obligation to make sure that our clients can make informed legal decisions about their matters.

We have an obligation to ensure that our clients know the current statuses of their cases, what is expected to happen next and when, what we are doing, what the clients are supposed to be doing, and when you’re going to hear from us again.

To meet these obligations, our promise to you is:

  1. We will always indicate the next time you are going to hear from us in responses,
  2. We will always respond to all emails within two business days,
  3. We will always respond by the deadline we set in our last communication; and,
  4. At critical points in the case – when it’s time to make decisions – we will schedule a phone call or in person meeting to discuss options. Email is not suitable for those discussions!

Client Communication Obligations

  1. Check your email!
  2. Send all your questions in one email, not multiple emails in a row,
  3. Allow two business days for a response,
  4. Let us know as soon as practical if we have scheduled something that doesn’t work for your calendar so we can reschedule it within your parameters,
  5. Include decision – makers at the front end. If you are relying on a friend, parent, spouse to help you make decisions, then that person needs to hear straight from us the analysis of legal options and the advice,
  6. Let us know by email if you want or need a phone and what the phone call is going to be about, so we can prepare for the call and know with whom to schedule the call – Billing, paralegal, or attorney!

We know when it’s decision time, the discussion needs to be verbal, and we will always schedule calls at those times in your case.

We do our absolute best to avoid frustration, but we cannot read your mind! So, if you want or need a phone call, simply email us to schedule it and what the phone call is going to be about so we can be prepared.