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District Court Appeals

Every litigant, win or lose, has the absolute right to appeal a district court decision to circuit court.

This starts the case all over – what happened in district court is completely irrelevant.

If you lost or you won and the other side is appealing, call us today to handle your appeal to circuit court.

Circuit Court is difficult to navigate on your own without a lawyer. The Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure apply and non-represented litigants are held to the same standard as lawyers and it is easy to lose on a “technicality.”  If it is a district court appeal to circuit court, there are no do-overs, either.

How much do District Court appeals cost?

Our District Court appeals start at $3500. The final fee will be determined before you hire us and depends on the level of misdemeanor, travel, and the specific facts of your appeal. Give us a call to discuss your appeal today.

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