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Permanent Paralegal Positions

Job Description

The primary responsibility of our paralegals is to support the attorneys in the legal services we provide our clients. This is a position that requires excellent phone skills, as a large portion of the position is the direct contact with clients about their cases, gathering information and keeping them updated. It is a communication and fact-gathering position, whether from clients and opposing attorneys, or through our own research, so extreme organization is a must.

This position drafts legal documents and letters, files documents, and keeps clients up to date every step of the way. This position also communicates with courts, schedules appointments and hearings, and generally keeps cases running smoothly.

As with all positions, this is an email heavy position, and requires great attention to detail and forward thinking.

About The Position

To maximize success with our firm, all new hires complete a six-month on-the-job training program, with the goals of teaching our particular processes, our general firm philosophies and values, and for additions new to the legal field, training in general legal principles in our areas of practice. We provide written performance metrics — success is not a moving target for new or seasoned employees — and we conduct bi-annual reviews for all attorneys and staff.

Compensation during the training period is tiered, with a negotiated first half salary, a second half salary, and a final post-probation salary ranging between $40,000 and $45,000. Salary is negotiable commensurate with experience and skills. After the first full year of employment, raises for all employees are considered yearly on a calendar basis, meaning all salary changes and bonuses are effective as of January 1st for consistency and stability.

In addition to competitive salaries and merit based annual raises, Lion Legal offers many other benefits, including health insurance for employees and their dependents (spouse and children). Employees have the option for employee paid vision and dental insurance. After a full year’s employment, all employees are eligible for six weeks of paid parental leave, and after two years’ employment, Lion Legal matches up to 3% of the employee’s contributions to our firm retirement plan.

Lion Legal genuinely values a true work-life balance. To that end, we are closed on all federal holidays, and employ a 36-hour work week – closing at noon on Fridays. All staff also receive 96 hours of paid time off after probation during the first year, and an additional 40 hours after a full year’s employment. All staff have the opportunity to earn more PTO throughout the year. We are not micromanagers, and expect all employees to be self-directed. All staff are required to take at least one week paid vacation annually. This is a long-term career position, and burnout is real. We prioritize our mental health, so we can provide our best services to our clients and be the best professionals we can be, for the long term.

Lion Legal has a robust and adept “Front Office”, which handles all administrative duties such as client on-boarding, marketing, advertising, human resources, and accounts payable/receivable. The strong contributions of our Front Office allow our attorneys and paralegals to focus on practicing law, now generating new business or collecting invoices.

Lion Legal prioritizes community commitment and involvement. We participate in a variety of community festivals and events in Central Arkansas, as well as host four legal clinics annually at the NLR Laman Library. All attorneys and staff are required to participate in at least 24 hours of community events annually, most of which are after normal business hours and/or on weekends. We strongly encourage networking of all types, and the firm will pay for professional memberships and CLEs.


Interested parties are encouraged to contact any Lion staff or attorney for more insight on what it is like to be a part of Lion Legal. To apply, please email a resume and a brief description of why you’re looking for a change in employment in general and why you think you’re a great fit for Lion Legal specifically. References appreciated, but not required.

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