Since 2012 we’ve grown from one lawyer with a desk to an all-female legal practice handling all manner of life’s issues. 

Today we are your neighborhood law office, with nine attorneys and several support staff.  We serve Arkansans all over the state from our North Little Rock location, where I-40 and I-30 meet, and we are open for business every weekday. You can call for an appointment 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why we are lawyers

When we entered the practice of law ten years ago, it was obvious that most working Arkansans did not have access to top-notch legal services. Maybe they didn’t know there was anything the law could do to help with their problems.

Or maybe they thought lawyers were too expensive. It could be they were turned off by the high-flying tone of some law practices, or were concerned that they didn’t know enough to be able to tell whether a lawyer was being straight with them. 

Whatever the case, we realized there was a need for a straight-talking, transparent and highly qualified team of lawyers to provide affordable services to Arkansans who work for their living, like most of us do. To take their side when they are lost in the legal jungle. To come Roaring to the Rescue when they call.

That’s why we made it our purpose to be the law firm for working Arkansans, and adopted the mighty Lion as our symbol.

Clear communication, predictable fees and payment plans

When you need a lawyer, you need one who will be straight with you about what it takes and what to expect as your case works through the legal process. You want to be kept up to date when each hurdle is cleared, and have a good understanding of what has to happen next. You also want to know how much your case will cost. 

Legal fees don’t have to be a mystery. They should be more like other things you buy. Think of a T-shirt, for example. When you buy the shirt, you pay a price and the shirt does its job—it covers your torso and probably has a color that you like. If the shirt is part of your softball team uniform, then you pay for the shirt and add on the flat cost for the team logo. If the team also wants your name on the front and your number on the back, there are flat charges for those items, too. The point is, at every step you are buying and paying for defined items, if you want or need that option, and you know what you are getting and how much it costs. The choices are in your hands.

Legal services fees can be like that, too. For example a divorce may be simple, requiring just enough effort to get the job done. Another divorce may be complicated, hard-fought and wind up in court.

  • A divorce can be basic and no-frills if you and your spouse are separating amicably and not arguing about who gets what. There’s a fee for that. 
  • If you can’t agree on how to split your assets, it’s no longer a basic divorce. There’s an additional fee for working out the issue. 
  • If you can’t settle everything out-of-court and wind up standing before the judge, there’s another fee for that. 
  • You get the point.
  • It isn’t as much fun as buying a T-shirt, but our predictable legal fee system works much the same way. We will always be up front with you about our legal services, what they cost and what to expect, and what choices you can make to keep your costs as low as possible. We don’t charge for services you don’t need, and we don’t have any hidden fees.

There are payment plans, too, with each payment staged to the progress of your case. Financing is is also available with approved credit.

How the pandemic and technology changed us

CoVid-19 was a blow to us, as it was to everyone else. But legal problems didn’t take time off, so neither did the legal system. The courts closed only briefly, and then continued with strict rules about in-person attendance. A lot of the administrative functions were handled on-line. 

Like you, we learned to cope and kept on trucking. We worked from home as much as possible, met with you online, got vaccinated and masked up when face-to-face interaction was required.

Technology has been part of our law practice for several years because it helps us to be more efficient, better organized, keep our costs down and deliver better services. It’s a good thing we had a head start on this, because the pandemic shifted our use of technology into overdrive. 

With a little luck, we’re all finally climbing out of the hole dug by CoVid-19, but we won’t be the same. We’ve fully integrated the legal technologies into our law practice now, and will keep improving on them in the future.  

Thank you!

We want to thank you most of all, our clients, neighbors and friends, for trusting us to represent you when your legal issues must be dealt with. We look forward to the next ten years and to opportunities to serve you even better.

We Can Help

Our attorneys are experts, and are here for you with straight talk, predictable cost, and superior services. We promise to tell you what the most likely outcome is up front, and to be open and transparent in our communications with you until your case is resolved.

Our approach to practicing law is revolutionizing the way law firms deliver legal services. Case evaluations are completely free. Call Lion Legal today at (501) 227-7627 or Email Us to set up a free consultation.