What are you really buying when you hire a law firm?

by | Jan 20, 2022

To answer the question “What are you really buying when you hire a law firm?” let’s look at the top complaints about lawyers, and contrast those with what you really want from your law firm.

Clear Communication

The number one complaint about lawyers in general across the United States is lack of communication, and this is the number one way that attorneys get in trouble with their state ethics commissions. 

Your law firm should place a high priority on communicating with you, so you are informed and involved in decisions affecting your case, and not left in the dark about its progess through the system.

Actually Doing the job!

The number two complaint about lawyers is them not doing the job they were hired to do! This manifests in a couple ways. One is perpetual delay, not working on cases, not moving cases along. The other is getting an outcome that is nowhere near what attorney indicated was likely when you hired him.

 Your law firm should work with you up front to clarify your goals, develop legal strategies to achieve them, and move the case through the system.

Realistic Expectations

Many attorneys will exaggerate the likely results of a case, or fact pattern, simply to convince you to hire them. This is a mistake for several reasons. It will wind up disappointing their client for no good reason and it is the fastest way to ruin a law firm’s reputation.

It is a moral problem to take people’s money knowing you won’t be able to provide the benefit they want!

When you hire a law firm you want one that has the experience, good judgment and wisdom to set goals that can realistically be achieved through the law and the court system.

Reasonable Costs

The third complaint about lawyers is that they cost too much! Most attorneys charge on an hourly basis. They will take a sum of money and then track every minute spent on the case in increments of 6 minutes, adding it all up and billing $250 or $300 per hour. 

Your attorney should help you understand and control the cost of working your case through the legal process.

Clear, Predictable, Upfront

Lion Legal’s approach is different. We think that legal services should be clear, predictable, and upfront. In our opinion, when you hire a lawyer or a law firm you are buying expertise, advice, counsel, communication, and talent, not just our time. 

At Lion Legal Services you are buying the opportunity to meet the firm and understand how it works. A Lion Lawyer will talk with you to determine if your issue has a legal solution without charging an upfront consultation fee.

You are buying the ability to contact someone at the office without perpetual voicemail. You are buying experienced staff and attorneys who accurately predict the process of your case every step of the way. You are buying timely and detailed communication.

You are buying honesty about whether your money is being well-spent. Not every problem has a legal remedy, and we will tell you upfront if that is the case.

You are buying transparent and predictable fees and not feeling nickel and dimed. You are buying not being afraid to call or email your attorneys about your issue.  At Lion Legal you are buying reasonable, timely, practical advice and a regimented process-oriented client experience, from beginning to end.

We Can Help

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