Preparation is 90% of winning!

90% of winning in the courtroom is what you do before you get there. So, consistent with our Lion Values, we always prepare well ahead of time for any court appearances.

We automatically schedule a preparation appointment for approximately two weeks before court with the client and the attorney on the file when a court date is set. 

If you want a zoom or phone preparation appointment, we can do that too! We just don’t want clients to think we don’t want to meet them in person, so our default is to schedule all preparation appointments in person.

Preparation appointments are scheduled approximately two weeks before court or ten business days. The length of your preparation appointment depends on what kind of matter it is and what kind of hearing it is.

Two weeks is the sweet spot for preparation usually – it is enough time to get exhibits together and subpoena witnesses after the preparation appointment, but it is not so far before the court date that you or we forget our strategy and testimony by the time court rolls around. 

The preparation appointment is the time when we:

  1. Narrow the issues to be litigated
  2. Finalize our theory of the case and how we intend to present it
  3. The names and order of the witnesses
  4. What each witness will testify about
  5. The exhibits we will present and through which witnesses we will present them
  6. The client’s testimony is practiced and prepared
  7. Review the applicable legal standard and burdens of proof in your matter
  8. What realistic outcome is likely
  9. We will discuss any settlement negotiations, if there are any
  10. Will issue subpoenas for witnesses who are not coming voluntarily

These appointments are critical to a successful winning result.

These appointments are critical to a smooth process and confident clients, knowing and feeling we are prepared for court when we walk up the courthouse steps!