What makes Lion Legal different?

The legal terrain is familiar to those who practice law, but we realize that it is unknown territory to those who don’t. We blaze the trails that lead to resolution of family, small business, real estate and criminal issues, becoming adept at dealing with their twists, turns and occasional surprises.

If you are like the majority of clients, you don’t have much exposure to legal issues, and you’re probably thankful that you don’t.

You know where you came from and where you want to go. Our job is to lead you safely through the unknown territory that lies between.

Legal guidance for Arkansans

Recognizing the immense need for reasonable, practical legal services, Lion Legal is a neighborhood law office, handling cases with Exceptional Communication and Exceptional Results.  

The number one complaint about lawyers (besides cost) is lack of communication: 

  • Not returning phone calls
  • Acting as though it’s a favor to do the job they were hired to do 
  • Not keeping clients updated
  • Not telling clients what they should be doing
  • Not telling clients what the law firm is doing
  • Not telling or when the client will hear from the firm next. 

This is beyond frustrating for clients whose very important issues are at stake. 

The law of the jungle is changing, and Lion Legal is leading the way.

Our clients hire the entire firm, not just one lawyer. All our attorneys and staff work together as a team for you. From initial phone interviews, to client on-boarding/intake, to negotiation, litigation, and closing files, our organization is seamless and the process regimented, resulting in excellent preparation and communication every step of the way. The way we practice law minimizes stress on litigants, and provides the structure our clients desire. 

Lion Legal exemplifies the concept that the process and how it feels is just as important as the result, and we have hundreds of 5-star reviews to prove it. 

Transparency & Real Customer Service

Our transparent, down to earth manner, excellent customer service, and communication are our bedrock. Exceptional Communication, and Exceptional Results. 

Roaring to the Rescue 

Lion Legal always Roars to the Rescue. What does that mean? 

Not every problem in life has a legal solution. Not every legal solution is worth the cost of pursuing when considering the likely outcome. 

Roaring to the Rescue means frank, honest analysis– whether it’s the answer you want to hear or not. If the cost outweighs the likely benefit, we will not take your money. Taking money is how we make a living, but not if Lion Legal cannot provide a meaningful, real-life benefit. It is most important to us to maintain life-long client relationships and trust, and that starts with not allowing clients to make bad legal and financial decisions to pursue a bad legal case.  

We achieve the best possible outcome for our clients whether through negotiation or trial – Lions don’t bluff, we Roar to the Rescue. 

Don’t Mistake Reasonableness for Weakness

Most cases should settle. If everyone can be reasonable, there is a reasonable resolution. 

Being reasonable is the most economical and practical thing to do. Emotional decisions are bad decisions. Our Lion Lawyers ensure that our clients know what’s reasonable to expect from the very beginning. If the other side is not reasonable, and the cost/benefit analysis makes sense, our top-notch trial lawyers will go all the way with you, and we play to win – whether in the courtroom or the negotiating room.

We Can Help

Our attorneys are experts, and are here for you with straight talk, predictable cost, and superior services. We promise to tell you what the most likely outcome is up front, and to be open and transparent in our communications with you until your case is resolved.

Our approach to practicing law is revolutionizing the way law firms deliver legal services. Case evaluations are completely free. Call Lion Legal today at (501) 227-7627 or Email Us to set up a free consultation.